Deck Staining Boise

Deck Staining Boise

Our Process

Are you considering having your deck stained? If so, trust the experts in the Treasure Valley at Boise Wood Staining!

Refinishing & Restoration

Beginning deck restoration in Boise, the most important factor is Proper surface preparation and is the key to any successful deck restoration project. First, all the vegetation around the deck will get saturated with water prior to applying any chemicals. This will act as a tarp for all of your plants. Then we will apply a bio-degradable chemical stripper or cleaner to soften and remove the existing failed wood stain treatment, sealer, or mold. Depending what deck stain or treatment that was last applied to the deck will depend on how strong of chemical that will be used on the deck. Film and water based stains are the hardest to remove and require the most time and material. Prior to starting work on any jobs we will remove the furniture and other items from your deck and place away from the the work area so it doesn’t get damaged. ( the home owner is responsible to put removed items back on deck)

Step 1 – Apply Chemicals to the deck (if needed)

Apply sodium hydroxide wood stripper to remove old coatings if needed.

Step 2-Pressure washing the deck

We will use a low-pressure to remove the previous coating and any dirt on the deck, high pressure damages the wood. We typically use between 1200 and 3300 psi (different tip sizes) on the deck depending on the previous coatings and how strong the chemical is used.

Step 3 – Apply Wood Brightener to deck

We rinse the working area prior to brightening the wood, then we apply a Wood brightener that restores the wood back to it’s original color. The wood brightener also neutralizes the chemical stripper that was used in step one.

We let the deck dry out for 18-48 hours depending on the conditions, humidity and if the stain used is oil or water based.

Step 4 – Sanding the Deck

We sand the deck if necessary and always sand the hand rail with orbital sanders to insure you don’t get slivers.

Step 5 – Staining the Deck

We apply the necessary coats of stain/sealer by roller or sprayer and always back brush the stain carefully we also make sure extreme care is given so no stain gets on anything but the deck. We only apply necessary coats to the verticals. You want to stay off the deck for 24 hours after the deck has been completed.

Deck stripping of old stain & sealer may be required prior to Deck Staining in Boise. Your deck staining quote will be exact.

Deck Restoration Estimated Cost:

Concrete Restoration Cost